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FORTRESS images in the wild

DiipuSurotu on NeoGaf¬†have collected all the images in the wild of Fortress, a project i once worked on at GRIN. Fun to see all the concept art in one place and now i have some wallpapers to use for a … Continue reading

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Vacation =)

One month of relaxing now :). I have three things planned. Hit the gym every day to lower my mass. Code some stuff for fun. Play some games from my backlog.

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Go back to school please

With new consoles on the way there will be new and updated games and from that follows new public relations material that once again is filled with bullshit. If you as a developer feel the need to do another trailer … Continue reading

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Dice publications

Found this nice collection of game developer publications from Dice.

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Terminator Salvation Interview

Interview with Tomislav (ex Grin) about the development of the Terminator Salvation game.

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End of work

Work is over so time to find something new todo. I have some things on the list so i’ll see where the newborn go from here.

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The smiling passenger

Dexter, the television drama series that talk to your inner voice.

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Good Company

Playing some Battlefield: Bad Company and it’s all well with my friends M95, a car and a world full with targets.¬† Takes some time getting use to playing on my PS3 and at first i thought it was bricked as … Continue reading

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All work and no play

To much work this weekend and to little time to code at home and play games. I will need to fix it this weekend by doing both in excess :).

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Epic Smiley

Got a new smiley today. Now it all feels good :).

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