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Daily Hax0r 1

Working on ZeroFps today. Fixed LuaW so we can export C++ classes with inheritance so now we can export our graphical user interface elements is a little more simple. I also did some mockup levels to try new functions in … Continue reading

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I found a very nice program for editing text, Notepad++ that supports a number of syntax highlights for different programming languages. No more eclipse for me :).

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Don’t forget to call back

Some progress on the scripting system of the engine so the script properties now work again. Next step for me is to make the ZeroFps engines graphical user interface work with script. It will be like the system used in … Continue reading

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Scenes, Entitys and Propertys

Coding on ZeroFps and playing more X-Com. Well mostly X-Com as I was in pain mode over the weekend and spend most time in horizontal mode with my slaptop. Between throwing grenades towards aliens and screaming and my screen when … Continue reading

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The engine we use for Alcestis is called ZeroFps and we been coding on it from time to time for fun and to learn new things. It uses OpenGl for graphic as it has to run both on Linux and … Continue reading

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Lua Vs C++

Been coding Lua for so long that i almost have problems returning to . I always forget the damn ; on each line and when i return to lua i put ; everywere so the game throws up on me. … Continue reading

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