Erotic Commando

When working on games it’s common to write comment about each change you do to keep track of things and sometimes these comments gets a bit strange. This is my list of comments with any element of strange over the last years with Bionic Commando. Let me first say in my defense that these are a small number of the total amount of comments, most of them was boring, serious and dull so I do write comments like that.

And sometimes… I don’t :).

  • Its all in your mind :).
  • Evil commit (well they all are evil) with tablescan support in mindprobe.
  • Luaspy, first unstable version of doom.
  • Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… fixed bug with wrong parent to notebook pages.
  • Fixed bug (i hope :)) with envedit updates wrong postfx,sky
  • Grunt only fires when player is in front of him :).
  • :).
  • commit: vad kan gå fel…?
  • Camera kod, rakt igenom evil.
  • Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the commit of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 4065.
  • Removed dancing sonictank from level :D.
  • Decibeltank 😉
  • Death to the false metal. Sonictank sounds test.
  • RUN FOOLS RUN. Start of hdr support on script side :).
  • vim.coderskill( -10 )
  • Dooom and death
  • The camera of doom and death
  • Haxxxor för camera crash
  • Think =)
  • Changed spear weapon to first person view. If they make BC into a xxx movie, wonder what part of him will be bionic.
  • Clean up of spear code, time for bughunting 🙁
  • This is the most evil code…ever…
  • Doom i tell you….
  • Grunts will warn if no ai graph inside of 50 meters at spawn. Grunts without valid goto path will stand still and die like idiots on the spot, give them a ai graph for the future of the Imperials.
  • Commit 10k 🙂
  • Ankor är onda
  • Missade visst en fil :)… nej inte san man dricker…
  • =)
  • Do dead soldiers scream about spawn campers or lag in hell?
  • Grunts a bit idle in the head right now
  • All things fall, even grunts.
  • There is no commit
  • D’OH
  • Work damnit 😉
  • Grunt leaders are now not strangers to join into barfights (melee combat ftw).
  • Dancing parachuters bug fix
  • Ghost mode,walk among men without they see you.
  • No more gaa 🙂
  • Commits are the source of all bugs…
  • Matchmaker stuff. Stuff: 1. the material of which anything is made:
  • Why…. ohhh lord whyyy
  • The TSVNCache is the child of satan 🙁
  • Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Handle events Friends (e en ganska usel serie måste jag säga, alla serier min inlagda skratt ska man se ned på)
  • Code cleanup. All events are printed (not that many arrive yet :()
  • Group invite of doom.. why always of doom?
  • Removed some more warnigns for PC as they where all made be the satan, lord of chaos and ruler of all evil.
  • Smileys e bra.
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  1. hehe…. jo Nevnarien var på Max Vasagatan ikväll 😛
    Vad läskigt.. undrar vem av alla som var du 🙂

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