Don’t forget to call back

Some progress on the scripting system of the engine so the script properties now work again. Next step for me is to make the ZeroFps engines graphical user interface work with script. It will be like the system used in World of Warcraft where most of the graphical user interface seems to be run from Lua. First I need to expand LuaW with a working callback system so we can register Lua functions to be called from the ZeroFps engine in response to events from the graphical user interface, like when the player click a icon. Then I will then write a mockup user interface to see if the basic idea of it works.

LuaW is the part of the engine that right now has the best chance of driving me insane so I save it for the next post to expand on what it does and why the devil is in the code.

And now to try some youtube in this blog here is a video from our old Mistlands project :).

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