System Shock 2 is a action-rpg with charter development and other rpg elements but with the difference that you don’t talk much with anyone (you simply kill them 🙂 ). The game can also be played in co-operative multiplayer with max four players.


There are three character classes. The character class decides what skill’s and equipment you start with. You can however choose to focus on other things when you start to play the game. The classes can be seen as different styles to play the game.

Marines: If you like combat this class is for you. You won’t have much problems with the monsters and you will focus most of the time saving ammo and repairing you weapons. There will be some problems with some other things such as opening doors, turning the light on and off and knowing what fork to use at dinner ;).

logo_navyNavy: If you would like to play tech style where you fix, hack, modify, repair and also destroy things then you should join the navy. Sail away in space and be the first to kill a cute defenseless alien. You will not be a first class warrior but all you gizmo’s will be state of the art.

logo_osaOSA: As an OSA you only bring your mind (and a Psi Amp) to the battle field. You have to be even more invisible then the navy as you are not much of a fighter to start with but when you learn how to use all your skills you will be a dangerous foe (and you will in fact be invisible :).


The skill decide what and how good you can do something. These are the most important things that describe how good (or bad 🙂 you are.

Statistics This basic attributes decide what you are good at. You can train this up to level six and some effects can bring it up to a maximum of 8.
Weapon How good you are on the different types of weapons. Focus on one (max two) if you are a OSA or Navy.
Technical As a Navy you need it all, a marine need things to keep the weapons working and a OSA can almost ignore this.
Psionics Everything to OSA ever need. There are 5 tiers of powers and each tiers has seven powers. The hard part is learning when to use what.
Traits You will find blue machines (OS Upgrades units) on the VB that gives you a one time gift (one for each machine you find). You can have four of these.
Software Gives you a bonus on skills when you have find a chip for them. There are chips for Hack, Repair, Modify and Research.
Implants A implant improves your skills in a specific area when you have them equipped and they have energy left. You can use only one at the same time (or two if you have a OS upgrade for it).


The Von Braun is filled with useful items. You can’t carry around everything you find so put it in a room close to the main elevator so you can come and get it later when you need it. Some things can’t be used if you don’t have the skill for it and other must be researched.

Hypos Drugs is a good thing the future and everyone use them. The most usefull are heal and psi (if you are OSA).
ss2_naniteNanites Look at them as cash :). You can buy things from Replicators and many other things cost Nanites.
ss2_cybmoduleCybernetic Modules Use them to upgrade your skills and upgrade unit’s. They can be found in the strangest places so check everywhere.
Upgrade units Improves you skills with the help of cybernetic modules.
Replicators Allows you to buy items with use of nanites. Hack them to get access to more things.
QB Machine Rich people with 10 nanites or more don’t die in the future, they simple use a Quantum Bio-Reconstruction Machine come back to life :). Activate thems as soon as you see them.
Recharger Recharges all things you have with you. Use it everytime you walk by one
Medical To heal yourself you can use hypos, midkits or a Surgial units. A Surgial unit Will heal damage, radiation and toxic effects for 5 nanites. Inactive units must be activated by a activation key.
Beaker Use this on the pile of worms you find. It can be used as ammo for some of the excotic weapons you find later in the game.

The Bad Boys

Sequrity camera    They can be found almost everywere and destroy them as soon as you can so you don’t set of the alarm by forgetting it’s there. If they see you (go yellow) then hide and wait until it give it up and go back to green (there is a sound when it does). If you fail to hide and the alarm goes of then you better run and hide until the alarm goes of again.

Turrets You can hack these to make them fire at your enemys. Disable the sequrity system before you try it.

  • Slug: Grey and fires high explosive bullets.
  • Blast: Yellow and uses a rocket launcher.
  • Laser: Blue turret that has a laser.

Hybrids Humanlike with zombie iq (killllll youuuuu…). The can be armed in 3 diffrent ways.

  • Pipe: Use a close combat weapon to save ammo.
  • Shotgun: Make sure it’s not a hyrbrid with a pipe before you shoot.
  • Grenade: Take cover and waste them before the waste you. Another good way to handle them is to get in so close that they can’t throw the grenade and then use your wrench on them.

Monkeys The 120 monkeys onboard VB has decided it’s time for payback for all years of experiments. And as anyone else seems to be dead you are the one that is forced to take it all.

  • Blue: Fire a psi ball of energy at you. Hide and let them come to you then give them a Wrench in the head (to save ammo).
  • Red: Same as the blue ones.

Droids & Robots

  • Protocol: One of the worst enemies in the game. They are so helpful that they will blow all your problems away. Use distance weapons or avoid them (until you find a Emp rifle :).
  • Maintenance: Big and Yellow. Armed with a Welder.
  • Security: Grey and armed with a laser cannon
  • Assault: Green and armed with a fusion cannon

Cyborg’s Both man/woman and machine.

  • Midwives: Angry nurse with a laser weapon.
  • Assassins: Ninjas in space. Armed with some form of throwing weapons.
  • Red Assassins: Red ninjas :).


  • Worms: They are simple to avoid. I takes some practice to kill them with a close combat weapon without taking damage.
  • Egg: They open if you get to close. They can contain useful organs so you can search them before you destroy them.
  • Black Egg: Found on the Rickenbacker. Simple blow them up :).
  • Swarm Run away from these. The disappear after a while.
  • Arachnid: Spiders and also hate subject number two. Grenade is a nice way to waste them with.
  • Invisible: So looks like one of the games deadlines was a bit close. Well after a red monkey and a red assassin i think we just have to accept an invisible spider.
  • Psi reavers: Search for the brain and destroy it first. Then you can focus on the flying projection thing.
  • Rumblers: Big and evil. Kill them before they get to close.


Here are the hint’s (and spoilers :). They are best used if you get stuck somewhere in the game. Places in the game are given as DECK/Sector – Where. Deck is VB1 – VB6 for the Von Braun, RB1-RB3 for rickenbacker, BOM (Body of the Many) and SHO for Shodan. Sector is the section of that level (A-D mostly) and Where is the name of that area.

  • Don’t use quick save for important save’s (the game autosave there when you move to another level).
  • Select the best weapon / ammo and fire mode for each type of enemy you meet.
  • Try to use melee weapons as much as you can to save ammo. Many cameras and creatures can be killed that way.
  • Use energy recharge station to recharge all your weapons, implants and armor. If you can’t find one you can use portable battery to recharge a single item.
  • Always keep an eye on your weapons status. If it goes below 3 it might be time to fix it. If you play a OSA charter get the Anti-Enthropy PSI skill.
  • Read the manifest reports in the chem store rooms so you know where all chemicals are.
  • Pick up all weapons (even the broken ones) and check them for ammo .
  • On some places you can send down an elevator onto your enemy to kill them.
  • Robots can be killed with a close combat weapon. Move around them so they can’t line up their weapons.

Access Cards

  • Cryogenics Sector – Found at start of game.
  • Science Sector – Top floor of Cryo sector.
  • Deck 2 Crew VB2/Med – Medical area
  • R&D Sector VB2/Med – Crew area
  • Security VB1/A – On body at bulkhead to VB1/B
  • Cargo bay 2A/2B VB1/B – Cargo Bay 1A (bottom level).
  • Hydroponics A VB3/BC – Icy area in sector B
  • Hydroponics B VB3/BC – In sector B
  • Hydroponics D VB3/A – Cult Cell
  • Athletic Sector VB5/A – Top floor of crew quarters.
  • Rec Crew Access VB5/B – Garden.
  • Shuttle bay Access VB6/B – security station

Pass Codes

  • Utility Storage 4 (VB1/A) – 59004 : Polito tell you.
  • Auxiliary Storage 5 (VB1/A) – 34760 : Found inside VB1/A – Engineering Control.
  • Engineering Control (VB1/A) – 15061 VB1/B : Cargo bay 2B (top level).
  • Engine Core Overload (VB1/A) – 94834 : Told by Shodan
  • Cryo Recovery A (VB2/Sci) – 45100 : Found at start of game.
  • Cryo Recovery B (VB2/Sci) – 00000 :
  • Medical Sub-Armory (VB2/Med) – 98383 VB4/ D : Command Centre
  • Maintenance Access Shaft (VB2/Sci) – 12451 : R&D
  • Weapons Lockup (VB4/D) – 13433 : VB4
  • Transmitter Activation Code (VB5/A) – 14106 : Found on the art terminals around VB5.
  • Safe (Across From Upgrade Units) – (VB5/A) 12345 –
  • Garden Maintenance Tunnel (VB5/B) – 34093 VB5
  • Crew Annex (VB5/A) – 11111 – Sensual stim unit in mall.
  • Security Station Access (VB6) – 83273 VB6/B – Office quarters (in one of the lockers).

Mission Hints

  • Cargo bay 2A/2B Access card can be found at bottom level of cargo bay 1A.
  • Toxin-A VB3/BC – Biological survey (two in here). It’s a room with brooken doors so jump on table then through window to get in.
  • VB3/BC – In room behind chemical storeroom.
  • VB3/A – On one of the bodies at the start.
  • Env Regulators Two in Hydro B/C. First one in icy area in sector B and the other in sector C.
  • VB3/A – Cult pool
  • VB3/D – Tank chamber
  • Sim Chips They are carried by three red cyborg assasins. They flee when they first see you so you might need to hunt them down.
  • VB4/B – System Admin.
  • VB4/C – Storage (lot’s of falling boxes).
  • VB4/D – Command Centre.
  • Sim Units VB4/C – Office area.
  • VB4/D – Power ops and Command Centre.
  • Transmitter Code: VB5/C – Artechology in Mall (top floor).
  • VB5/B – Dinning Mess.
  • VB5/A – Behind desk at upgrade units.
  • VB5/A – Crew quarters (top floor).
  • The Brain BOM. To kill the brain you first destroy the 3 stars around it then you simply but alot of bullets in it :). If you don’t se 3 stars around the brains you need to install the patch.

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