Dark Metropolis

Dark Metropolis was done with ZeroFps in 2004 and our main inspiration for Dark Metropolis was Syndicate and Syndicate Wars. The game was set inside a gigantic city and the authorities lost the control of the city when the number of citizens grew to large, and now violence and money controls the city instead. The poor are living at the bottom of the city in the filthiest quarters fighting over the scraps of dirty jobs the richer presents to them. The player takes the role of a boss of a small clan (a form of gang) that commit crimes and other missions for payment and you control and manage your clan from your headquarters when they assassinate, steal and blow things up. Your end goal is to make enough money to leave the slums and move upwards to the finer blocks and become an person of importance.

We stopped working on Dark Metropolis when we moved on to Mistlands so the game where never completed beyond pre alpha state.