C++ like it’s 1998

My first  compiler was Borland C++ 4 so i clock in at 22 years of C++ now. So much experience and the most used button on my keyboard is still F1. Looking over my code most of it could as well been written in 1998. The only modern part of C++ i use often is nullptr. Time to code away and try to catch up on all the awful mistakes they have added the the language of the last seven years.

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Dwarf Fortress – Lanternfell

Time to play Dwarf Fortress with my new fort Lanternfell. I’ll write updates here as I progress towards the end fun of it. So far the it is still the first year (125-06-16) in the game and I have three floors in my fort. Nothing on the surface yet.

The main floor contains the trade depot, main stairway and living quarters.

My craft floor contains three workshops; Carpenter, Mason and Mechanic. I also started on a wood furnace and a Smelter.

The food floor is a farm and a still for the booze.

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Updated my blog and so far it looks like nothing is on fire, yet. Might switch a static website in the future. Now it’s time to drink some tea and put things in boxes in preparation for the move this weekend. I hope to get the key tomorrow and if so i will move one of my smiley’s

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The Year of the Rubber Duck

Time for a new year and also a new home for me. Not that far, only around half a kilometer away but it will be nice to get a working bathtub and a use for my rubber duck collection.

It also feels like a good time to try to correct some character flaws one has collected over the years. The two i will focus on that matter to anyone else is less use of social media and to update my blog at a steady pace.

I have used twitter for social media and it is a waste of life. It’s like a lunatic asylum where each visitor is locked up screaming inside the cell. They can select to listen in on each other and a few times a day they also get to enjoy the promoted messages from the warden. Echo chambers form and listening in on opposing factions let you realize how far disconnected from reality they all are. There might be wise people whose rambling screams one day will be a published masterpiece. No point waiting for it , I rather get out from my cell and buy the complete edition when it released.

So i will escape twitter. I will only feed myself with knowledge once a week in the future so i can focus on my own things and avoid distractions.

The time free from the cell will be spent programming, playing games and writing blog post. I enjoy reading text longer then 280 characters on these topics so i will share the fun by writing my own articles. I’ll keep my cell on twitter for now if anyone wish to contact me about my future blog posts.

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Titan Quest: Ragnarök

The game I have worked on for the last year was released about a week ago. Titan Quest: Ragnarök is a expansion for Titan Quest from 2006. Enjoy.

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Advantage on future D20 Nerd rolls

I now have a Lenovo tab3 7 essential tablet for future role-playing game geekery. Cheapest one i can find but i will suffer the real cost tomorrow. It will be one full day of @Dvoid singing the praise of android and telling me I better throw away my Iphone next.


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Bite Bite Bite

I finished Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and it was really good as expected.
Great levels, friendly rats and a frequent use of knives. Now i feel the need to
try out Prey, also from Arkane Studios.

Sleep in the Void

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Retro Gamer

I got some old consoles as a gift a while back and now i have started to see if they work. A few did not . There will be many many many cables going everywhere so time to get a new bench for the TV and an extra shelf. None of the consoles will be connected to the power when they are not used. 30 year old electronic is not that stable and every repair on them seems to be done with adhesive tape .

Next goal is to get a few games for each one. Time to search some retro sites.

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Sneak’em Up

Three games on my play list right now. Ghost Recon Wildlands, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Time to play them like a taffer.

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Playing some games

A new and faster computer now so time to catch up on some game. Vanishing Realms and Sniper Elite 4 was fun.

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