Spinning Cubes
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Vim: Did i wrote that?
Bug: Yes, it's fine.
Vim: Do i know what I'm doing?
Bug: Sure, keep writing. It looks great.
Vim: I'm soo tired. I think i need some sleep...
Bug: No, you don't have time to sleep. Drink some more coke. Sleep is not good for you.
Vim: But what if i do something wrong...
Bug: Wrong, there is nothing wrong with the code. It rox.
Vim: But what about all this messages that reads warning (bhla, bhla). I get more and more of this.
Bug: Thats not you fault. If they were important they would have been error's.
Vim: Well, yee but...
Bug: There you see. I help you add some more pragmas later and they will go away.
Vim: Ohh... thanks. You're so nice to me.
Bug: Sure, thats what friends are for but you better write some more. You have a deadline you know.
Vim: I better write some more now.
Bug: Gr8.