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Playing games - Fallout 3


Right now I am playing fallout 3. Real nice game as I like to explore game worlds and there are always something new and fun to see even if most of them are gray. I like the Vats target system to here you can select body parts to shoot at, to bad that the camera in those scenes looks like it been design as a proof of concept of bad camera angles. Most of the time I find myself looking into a wall when my character manage to get of a real good shoot. One of the not so good things with fallout 3 is it stability, the game crash way to much that can be seen as acceptable so I hope to see a patch soon that provides a bit more quality in that area of the game.

I need to play more games, to much work at work right now so I got this huge stack of old and new games I have not played. Here is a small sample of games I have waiting to be played beside my computer.

Dungeon Siege 2 - Well number one was good.
Mass Effect - DIE DRM DIE
Sacred 2 - Dvoid made me do it.
Lego Star Wars - Geek points for me
Oblivion - No i do play fallout first.
Neverwinter nights 2 - Yes i know you taffer, i will play it. Soon.
Gothic 3- But i need to play 2 first.
Gothic 2 - But i need to play 1 first.