Spinning Cubes
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Console Coding


Using all these high level engines makes my low level coding skill fade away. To avoid that I have started a project to make a small techdemo for the Playstation 3. Not sure what type of techdemo it will turn into yet. Might end up as a game but no one will ever play it but me and a few poor test subjects at Pieces Interactive. For the coding i will focus on three areas. Low Level Graphics Apis: With all these new cool api's such as Metal, Mantle and Vulkan it might be time to try a low level one. The PS3 will be a good exercise as I have only drawn lines so far and I'm already confused. Multi-core: Using multiple cores for anything is the rule this days and I need to catch up. So far I only managed to say Hello World from one of the synergistic processing unit's in the cell processor. So I'm not even lastgen. Deferred Rendering: Sounds cool and time to try it out. The basic project is setup and I started on the low level rendering code with some models from Kill to Collect. See if I can turn it into some triangles next week.is_comphit.

If i was coding for the Virtual Boy this would be all i needed.