Lazy watching XCOM

Have Many a true nerd playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown on my second screen when coding. Think i will replay XCOM soon.

The UFO battlescape music still give me nightmares

Alone in the Dark | Spotlight

I worked on this early on it’s development. Will be fun to see how much it has changed.

Black Flag

Time to play Assassin’s Creed. I took a pause after the AC3 so i have some games to catch up on. First i have to sail the sea and stab people on boats in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag.

Crepe I’m not on a boat :(

Titan Quest playthrough

I finally completed a legendary playthrough of Titan Quest. Takes a while to play the game three times. I choose the Conqueror class as it looked like the most easy one to play. Melee all the things. Typhon, the final boss of original titan quest, was the hardest fight for me. Each time i run into him i had to farm resistance gear.

Crepe Crepe Crepe


Crepe Playing Stationeers and as always we die

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order


Metroidvania style game where you take the role of a Jedi Padawan after the Jedi Purge. The levels look nice visually but everything else in the game has flaws. Explore a few planets in a contrived plot to find a Jedi Holocron with a meh story ending. The explore part is not that fun. Feels like the developers spent to little time building a world fit for Metroidvania style play. [Read More]

Far Changing Tides


A walking simulator where you mostly swim and sail among the ruins of a lost civilization. Not much happens beside the sightseeing and a some really really simple puzzles.

XXX The boat is also a submarine

Ryse Son of Rome


Was a launch game for XBOX One so with Crytek skill and Micrrosofts ocean of money this game still look nice after 10 years. Arena-like combat with execution moves to unlock. All turns out a bit same in the end and there is not much variation to the gameplay. The writers bring dishonor to Rome and me at times with bad writing.

XXX Looking down on the Colosseum



Playdeads second game. Did not work for me as i got mostly a meh feeling when playing it. Feels much more walking simulator then the last game.

XXX Scrolling the save points give about the same experience as playing the game. Nice mood from the visual and not much more.