Alone in the dark 3

Action/adventure that puts you in the role of detective Edward Carnby that spend his time exploring deserted places that always turn up not be deserted at all. In this sequel it is a western ghost town and you go around, collect things for puzzle and shoot at things that you can't see thanks to the stupid static so called cinematic camera.


Get in and rescue the hostages. Rainbow six in 2d

North & South

Strategy game about the American civil war with a comical cartoon style. You move around you troops in a strategic view and then in tactical view you command a single battle and fight it out with you infantry, cannons and calvary.

X-COM: Enforcer

Third person shooter set in the X-Com game world where you take the role of a robot hunting down aliens and rescue human hostages. This game is horrible and everything in it is so substandard that one always cry in pain when playing it.