3D combat simulator with tanks and planes. Collect five parts of a neutron bomb and use it the destroy the enemys beam cannon. You search the map while at the same time you destroy the enemys generators to delay the completion of the beam cannon.

Spheres are cool and so is this game. You can also be a frog and frogs are green and green is also good :).

Guide the not so bright lemmings to the exit. They drop out in the level one by one and then you need to assign task to some of them so they majority of them reach the exit. For example tell one of them to dig a path into a wall, a stair up or to stand and block the others so they don't walk over a cliff edge. You often have a limit on how many of each you can use, say max 9 diggers on a level so you need to plan ahead to keep as many of them safe. If you fail you can always push to bomb key that turn all lemmings into walking bombs that explodes in cute pixel clouds

This was not fun. I set my own goal that I would play until I managed to avoid getting in last place once. Never been so happy to see one of the AI cars get stuck on a wall.