Collect resources and build things that help you progress in the game.

Punch blocks, place blocks and build things. Fun to play around for a while but it gets old really fast and there is not enough for it to last.

Action-adventure 2D game where you explore and fight monster. Resource gathering is important so you can build better gear and improve your house where NPC traders move in and sell you things as the game progress.

Space Engineers
Collect resources from asteroids, use them to build space ships, crash them into space stations and then crash both into a planet. Keep the sunrise intro from Also sprach Zarathustra ready on spotify so you descent onto the planet in style.

Crashed on a alien planet you need to build a spaceship to escape. Chop some wood, build a furnace and hours later you have a giant factory covering the planet. Belts and trains go everywhere and you need to defend it against the alien bugs when the get angry about your environmental disaster.

Construct a base and survive in space. Bit over the top focus on details so you sit and cry more over electric connections than trying to survive.

A open-world factory building game played from a first-person perspective. It also have hyper tubes, the best thing in a factory game since conveyor belts.