Classic arcade
The games that you could play in arcades or on ancient home consoles with one button.

Space Invaders
The classic aliens wish to eat the world game.

Missile command
Defend your towns against incoming ballistic missiles using anti-missile batterier.

Fly around and shoot asteroids. Fly off the screen to loop around to the opposite side and crash into a asteroid you did not see.

Knock down blocks with a paddle and a ball.

Fly left and right and shoot aliens.

Shot evil aliens.

Donkey Kong
Jump barrels to save the girl.

Donkey Kong Jr
Save Donkey Kong from his cage.

Eat lines and stay away from the ghosts.

Get your frogs home by crossing a busy road and a river with alligators.

Donkey Kong II
You play Donkey Kong Jr and try to climb up and save Donkey Kong.

Frogger on C64.

Ride around on your flying ostrich and defeat the enemy knights riding buzzards. I think the developers had a slight lack of knowledge of how jousting works or the details on the size of birds.

3D graphic in early 1980s is made of lines and your imagination.

Control a platform at the bottom of the screen and use a ball to hit bricks and collect powerups and go to the next level. Repeat until pass out from lack of sleep.

Donkey Kong
The first game with jumpman, or Mario as he was known later on. This game also lay the foundation for the central storyline of games of the eightes and Nintendo in general. Save the Girl, Save the World.

City Defence
In this game you have two defense towers and you select the one to shoot from with the mouse buttons. The goal is to shoot down the incoming missiles so they don?t destroy any of your towns. It all goes on wave after wave and each one is a little faster. Not a fun game at all really :(.

Eat the dot's and stay away from the ghosts. You can also jump to avoid the ghosts and with four levels this should make a great game if not for the fact that pac-man games are sad and dull whatever they contain.

Ball and paddle game where you destroy blocks at top of screen. Something feel off with the ball/paddle in this game and the power-ups are boring.

Snake game where you eat number and get longer until you eat number 9 and move on to the next level.

The classic eat dots and stay away from the ghosts game.

Paddle game.

Invaders 1978
A clone of the classic Space Invaders that was released in 1978. Really hard to find this video. Google get a bit confused when you try to find a game with the name Invaders 1978 that was released in 1996.

Breakout style game where you can have one paddle on each side of the screen and control all at the same time.