Platform puzzle
Side scrolling platform game where your brain might be required for other things then pressing the jump button.

Platform game that mix it up a lot with time. The basic function is that you can rewind time whenever you wish, even all the way to the start of the level. As the game progress then there are items that don't rewind with you or act otherwise different when you rewind and it all turns into advanced puzzles to solve.

Side-scrolling action and puzzle game where three characters get trapped in a magical artefact called the trine so only one of them can exist at the same time (unless you play multi player). You switch between the characters as you wish when playing and use each characters ability?s to solve puzzles. The thief has a bow and grappling hook, the knight has a sword and a shield and the wizard can use magic to move and create objects. The levels are really good looking and the puzzles are fun. I also like the epic voice overs at the start of each level :).

Puzzle platformer where you take the role of anthropomorphic creature made of yarn. Use the unraveling yarn to navigate the levels, solve puzzles and avoid things that wish to chew on you.

Little Nightmares
Puzzle platformer in a creepy world where everyone eats a bit to much.