Simulator Car
Not sure why I have played so many car games. I'm not into cars and do not even have a driving license. Might blame my friends that was into cars and in the old days you played whatever games you had.

Pole Position
Drive around until the engine sound make you strangle yourself with the controller cord.

Pitstop II
Formula one racing game with tire and fuel managment. Control the pitcrew to change tires and refuel the car.

Test Drive
Car driving as boring as always.

Indianapolis 500: The Simulation
Simulator of the Indianapolis 500 race from a first person perspective. Many options to modify on the car so you can crash into the wall as good as possible. No, I'm not that good at car games.

Race along the five stages in a Ferrari and select the path to take at the end of each stage. No driving skill so i never got to the final stage.

Stunt Car Racer
Race around a track without making your car crash.

Super off road
Not a fan of this viewpoint in car games and not a fan of car games so not much more to say :).

This was not fun. I set my own goal that I would play until I managed to avoid getting in last place once. Never been so happy to see one of the AI cars get stuck on a wall.

F1 GP Circuit
Racing game where you always drive up the screen in cars such as McLoren and the Lotas. There is nothing good in this game really, bad music, bad art, bad gameplay. Did not manage to find any movie of this game and i will not pollute the Internet with one.

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
Arcade driving where you try to complete each track before the time runs out to get to the next.

Super Cars II
Top-down race game where you can also drop mine's and shoot missiles after your opponents. Nice with split screen against another player but as always car games are not that fun.

Warm Up
Top-down racing game based on Formula 1. Go around the track until you get tired off it, crash into the wall and try to find something better to play.

Racing game that have a nice feel of speed.

3D car racing simulation with loops and jumps. I flip over and crash even if the ground is flat but now i have an excuse.

Most fun part in this game is the game host Lance and the graphics when you select your car and that say everything you need to know about the level of fun in this game.

Megarace 2
This was released one year after wipeout. No one should play this.

A very educational game were you can learn the wrong way to behave in traffic and also good as relaxation for those that have a thing against pedestrians. The game is like the movie Death Race 2000 were you get cash for killing pedestrians and destroying your opponents cars. You use that money to upgrade your car and you can also win the opponents cars after a race. Extra bonus cash is also given for such things as 'insane stunt bonus' and 'splatter bonus'. On each level there are also a lot of power ups such as time bonus, turbo, wall climber and pinball mode. You can win each race in three ways, by completing the track, by destroying all you opponents or by killing a enough pedestrians.

Carmageddon: Splat pack
Expansion for Carmageddon. Not that good as the first one as they tried to make the levels a bit more weird Spending two minutes to get back up from the water after falling down does not improve the game. The focus should be on ramming into each other at high speed instead of trying to find each other.

Fast futuristic cars with weapons and a real good feeling of going fast . Also possible to drive the cars on the roof in tunnels.

Midtown Madness
Drive around in Chicago and win street races. All the pedestrians in the city are professional athlete and are impossible to run down. I wonder if the developers of this game played Carmageddon and felt the pedestrians needed a game where they would be safe.

Bandits: Phoenix rising
Not much for car games really but the dialogue and the letters home was fun.

MegaRace: MR3
Play any of the four wipeout games or Rollcage instead of this.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
I played as a cop in a single race then I went all dark side.

Euro Truck Simulator 2
Get's tiresome fast. Truck driving is really not my thing.

Need for Speed Rivals
Enjoy a life as a cop or racer in a open world. Like always i did go for racer and crashed into cliffs and other solid objects all over the map. I'm not that good at driving.

Forza Horizon 4
Open-world racing game where the season of the world change each week. Driving earns skill points that can unlock perks on each vehicle. I play on super easy so the AI have to work overtime to make me look good.