Simulator Flight
Take to the sky in a plane then crash into the first building you find.

Sky Chase
Battle it out in the sky with planes made of lines.

Strike Commander
Action style flight simulator where you command a group of mercenery fighter pilots known as the 'Wildcats'. Based in Turkey you take missions in interactive cutscenes and then use your F-16's to blow things up or shoot things down. Between missions you get to chat with your team and later on you also get's to fly the F-22.

Strike Commander: Tactical Operations
More missions to fly around in.

Attack on Pearl Harbor
Arcade style flight simulator set in the Pacific Theatre of World War II. Play as USA or Japan and try to own the sky.

Arcade airplane racing game with powerups to collect and cliffs to crash into.

Thunder Wolves
Arcade helicopter shooter where everything explodes. One-liners and explosions is what this game is about.

DCS World
DCS is a free-to-play combat flight simulator that have many pricey add-on modules. They add planes, helicopters, maps and missions. Most of the aircraft's are insanely detailed both in how they look and work. Mission sometimes end with me down in the cockpit, flipping switches, turning knobs, and then crashing into a building. A-10C Warthog and Black Shark 2 in co-op is my add-ons of choice. In easy mode so I can focus on the knobs.