Simulator Motorcycle
Made for ragdoll physics.

1000cc Turbo
In the dark age there where no steam, GOG or Uplay. You played what you had. Even if it was a type of game you did not like at all. Meh.

Black Viper
The world is destroyed in a nuclear war and you drive from town to town on your motorcycle to save it. Not sure how it will be saved but on the way you need to shoot down all these cars and other motorcycles that get in your way. Real ugly game here that really do not work at all.

Elasto Mania
Puzzle game where you try to get your laws of physics challenged motorcycle to the end in each level.

Trials Evolution
Racing game where you use a motorcycle to traverse an obstacle course. Looks 3D but the gameplay is in 2D. Four players is nice on the same screen.

Trials Fusion
More trails madness.

Trials Rising
Even more trails madness.