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AI or just some new graphics?


Most game i've seen just runs the basic levels of AI (go to spot x, turn around, fire) and then on top of that add diffrent forms of the same order (kill player, make player die, exterminate player, ...). Also, almost every new game that hit the market is said to have much better AI then the last. These games also have more 3d (curved surface, 6+dof and more) things in it. So how is it that all these game developers suddenly decided to add both cutting edge graphic and AI to their games. As far as i seen it's both the same thing. The AI is still the graphic. The best way to say this is Quake 2. When the game came they say that the monster AI was great and now the monsters also could duck down and take cover (a graphic thing). And monster did duck for cover but they mostly did it in big open areas and that is not a good tactical move. I will try to avoid todo the same thing (it's not so hard cos i suck on graphic) and try to make the high level ai i good.