Spinning Cubes
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Yeee progress


Things moving forward again . I got the low movment stuff to work so now i can tell my little tank to follow a path and it does. Not as big as the trip to the moon but it's still a big step for me. I also got the glide version to work better now. I still crash dead on after 15 seconds but thats cos my graphic card thinks that crashing after 15 sec is a good thing todo. The svga driver is broken also. Not sure why but i will try to fix it or make my friend knoen fix it. He's more into graphic then me and he made the z-buffer work (THANX Knoen ). Well, back to work. Cya. Btw, i found the sword so now i'm at the next level trying to find the eye but it's hard to find. I'll think i have to look for a mirror .

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