Spinning Cubes
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Do i need a spinning cube


There are a lot of wanna be programmers in the world (i know coz I'm one of them ). Almost everyone has their own little site were they put all of the stuff the do until when the one day get the courage to crawl away to a developer and get a job (again like me ). Anyway, something that almost all of them had was a little spinning cube. Every one had this damn spinning cube. Sure, now it's 3d card's all over the world but still... Do i need a spinning cube? Or are there something else that one should have to make an impression on everyone. Voxel landscapes, real time shadows, a fancy car. Well i think i start with the spinning cube. I'll do it as ugly as i can (in wire frame) but I'll do it so i have a complete website.

Cube is done
I was about to put up my new version of mask but i had no time to test it this week so i put the update on hold until next week. This new version (0.8) includes single player and 5 levels. Version 0.9 will include 5 more levels and the source code.

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