Spinning Cubes
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I'm 24 years old now


My birthday today. I feel soooo old. One foot in the grave sort of. Mask is still not tested so i was planning to put up a single player version wich i forget to zip down and take along soo i have to wait with that to . But i got a new monitor today so now i think i can test it. I've also try to learn VC++ as everyone say that one have to use it to do games or to get a job. And it's a job i need soo i'm now trying to learn in. If you need someone that don't now anything about VC++ but would like to make games i'm the one you should talk to . My first program was (tada) a hello world program and it can be found in the download section. Will try todo a screensaver of it when i know more WC++. Now i have to smile for three days at my new monitor.