Spinning Cubes
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I'm playing the game Drakan - Order of the flame now. Not that bad if you ignore the story. I also found a new thing to put on my top ten hate list in game design. We can call it the crusher room. Imagine that you are playing a nice game and at every new level you find something new and funny. And then, when you feeel good about yourself, the game, those that made it, their pets and almoste everthing then the level designer stab you in the back with the crusher room. Is there some law that say that every game must have one, or as often is, to many in a row.

The first sign that you are close to the crusher room is the sound. BANG, BANG, BANG. The first is always the up/down hammers. Hmm you say. I'm in the temple of the gods, searching for holy sword to save the world from chaos and this place is filled with test to prove that i'm a worthy hero. Ok, well i guess to gods don't want some fat pizza eating slob to do the hero thing. Lets run past the three hammer (always three hammers...). And you feel like a hero (almost) and walk away from the hammers. But still...


You freeze in place and think Ohhh nooo. The game is about the crash. Damn it. My new supercomputer and the game is about to crash. This can't be true but when you walk around the next corner you start to wish it was true. The game will not crash, it will more likely crush. You have arrived to (tada) the door like crushers. Like always there are three of them and they go at diffrent speed. And you think to yourself that some pizza slobs still manged to get past the last room and the gods need some real hero so they are doing this as a last test. You get past them also and run further into the temple of the gods. And the BANG, BANG, BANG goes away.


Arghhhhhh... Can anyone say UnInstall .