Spinning Cubes
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KP 1


I'm taking a 80 weeks course named Creative programming and Animation in Gothenburg. I'll will do a update each week about it and the progress we make. It?s divided in three parts called Creative Programming (KP), Java Programming (JP) and Digital Animation (DA). I?m reading KP and the course looks nice when you look at the course plan, fun things as C++ , 2D/3D graphic and math . This first week was extremely boring however. It was the usual lets-get-to-know-each-other hippie shit. We dance around in a ring, worship the sun and all of that crap. That bull was all the week and the real reason was I guess the simple fact that they failed to get out local ready. Looks there will be a total of three weeks with pipe smoking and rain dancing before we get started with the good stuff. I simply have to suffer my way to the other side.

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