Spinning Cubes
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Kp 24


School started again. Some things better and some things still the same. The good thing is that they skipped all sub projects that we had and now we will do one larger one. We are in the process of deciding what to do and it looks like some form of first person shooter game . They bad thing is that not all hippies died out in the seventies. Some simply cut their hair and now cash in big on selling the ideas they found on there greatest trips. We had some of this when they school started last (dance around, paint the floor, buy some snow from you junkie on the corner and fly away) but I thought that it was all. Not so, we had hardly been in school for 30 minutes before we were sent out in they city on some ghost chase with the yellow ball from hell glowing in the sky . Three hours later when everybody is almost dead they explain the glory the wonderful exercise and I could not care less. Next time I see the hippie squad on stage I will think snow and fade away .

Tags: School