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Doom 3 - One Engine, No Game


Doom 3 is here now and i have played it and if anyone in the future ask me the question 'what game is the most overhyped piece of shit you have ever seen' i can smile and answer doom 3 . The most boring game ever . So linear that you think it must be a joke and there must be some console variable (enableygameplayandfun = true?) they forgot to set when they shiped the game. It's more like Doom 2 with updated graphic. Still, i must buy the damn engine as i'm part of Sapphire Scar and we will use it for our TC. Yep, thats right, it's not a game for me on the doom 3 cd as game are supposed to be fun and when i look at doom 3 is only the same old crap feeling over and over again .