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The sad tale of Vim the goblin


Once there was a goblin by the name of Vim that went on a heroic quest to find the brown key of doom. He was happily armed with an axe and a torch and with that he plunged himself down into the cave of doom. Not long into the caves he found some of his fellow goblins that by some strange twist of fate would like to see our hero dead. The battle was on and a fireball into the first goblin that soon fell for Vim?s might . Other goblins soon followed as our epic goblin hero nailed them one by one with his fireballs. It was not that he liked the fireball that much but more that he simply did not know how to use the axe (a minor setback that could happen to any hero I might add).

Our hero then moved on and found some strange looking balls and when he was still thinking about what the balls was for he found himself facing a cavetroll . He was sure that the great recall stone was calling for him soon as a second troll joined the first but Vim was a lucky one indeed. Heroes are not the only ones that forget to train in the correct weapon skill, even cavetrolls can have bad memory so they missed all the time. Without any problems our hero took the key and ran away and closed the door behind him so the trolls could sit there and wonder what happened.

He then looked around and found himself in a strange water room that he explored in search for clues to the exit of the cave. He even looked behind the waterfall but finally he gave up and climbed the long stair that was so high he had to jump up on each step. He found some spiders at the end of the stair and in panic he fell down a deep hole. The spider webs and the skulls made it clear wait faith awaited our hero. The only way out was a teleport stone that that would have saved our hero if it was working. Vim died in that pit still holding the key of doom.