Spinning Cubes
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A Brave new world


Or rather a brave new engine running the world . After some years developing on Mistlands we have now decided to start over again with the engine and use all those hard lessons we learned to make a new and improved zerofps engine to run our epic fantasy games. We hope to get the first version of our new engine running within three months with the will of the coding gods and until then everyone that wish to test the game have to enjoy milestone 5 (version 0.5.11) of Mistlands.

Many people we talk to think writing the engine from scratch is total madness and i guess they are correct. All that work wasted one might think but still, we learned a lot . Many parts of the engine will still work the same like the subsystem and entity property (component) system. Always put a smile on my face when i talk to some other programmer and tell them i did a small breakout clone a while ago that use inheritance to create its in game objects and they look at me like I'm some form of caveman. I then get a long explanation of the new cutting edge component system that everyone besides losers and me are using and inheritance is the old and components are new and therefore better. The best thing to do when that happens is to convince them that global variables is the wave of the future, that always make them explode