Spinning Cubes
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They just don't make bears like they used to...


Time for a new website now that my old one is dead and I'm to lazy to code a new one. I use a this Blog until I make a new one or find something better :). This Blog will be about computer game development and also about games i play and what I think about them. And smiley's.... there will be a lot of smiley's in this Blog =).

Right now I'm playing Thief: The Dark Project from 1998. There is a good chance that some elements from this game might sneak 😉 their way into the role playing game I'm coding on with some friends. Have played the game before but this game is so good its worth playing it more then once. Next level is Assassins, one of the best in the game so I don't have time to write anymore. Enjoy a screenshoot from the game and shame on you if you have not played it ;).

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