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Private Police Law (IPRED1) and FRA


Lots of bad things happening in Sweden right now and it seems like George Orwell missed with about 25 years. The Swedish government pass one law after the other to give themselves and private companies the power and domination over its own citizens and soon everything we say and do on the Internet or otherwise will be stored in a government and company databases to be sold of to the highest bid. Around a year ago there was some talk about the Chinese government buying a record company and with the new private police law law in affect I can only assume that we will see more of these high examples of democracy spending money to get a path to tracing down refuges that think they are free to speak about there old home country on line. No you don't have to download anything from pirate bay for them to know who you are, thanks to the new law you will be guilty if they send something to you, you don't even need to see it or know that they sent it. If you have escaped from a bad land that don't like you I suggest you stay off line when in Sweden.

Some people (often those that will profit on the law) say that this will not happened and that can be true as history show us that people given power and control over others always use it for the greater good of mankind. There are still a few people with brains left that can use them and fight this laws designed for oppression so I guess I will have to join them and vote for the Pirate Party in next election. Many say its a stupid idea to vote for a party with such a small focus but I think that the right for people to communicate with each other freely without being watched all the time from the TV screen is more important then many other issues that the other parties try to sell me.

If you care at all about the idea of living in a future free to speak then the following blogs, Rick Falkvinge, Oscar Swartz, Opassande and Copyriot, will provide a good read. I also planned to write a short guide to what life will be like in the future if this madness keep going but Andra Sidan already done a good job at it. Understanding what its all about will take some reading and if its to hard or not important for you can always fall back to the normal newspapers and the linear message and then bow your head down and wait for them to tell you how high to jump.