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Zpg Design Book


Been reading some books about game design and so far all the ones i have found are full of pointless gibberish. In most of them its obvious that the person writing it get paid by number of pages and not the content of the book. Every ten page must be filled with a made up case study used to prove the theory in the book and each time a reference to movies are made it must be followed with a statement that we are making games and not movies and games is the new and movies are old and so on. No point in reading books that spend chapters trying to define the genre system of games and writing idiotic case studies of why role playing games as not a genre at all.

So i think i will skip the books and focus on writing my own guide to game design to use for myself and the projects i work on with Zero Point Gameplay. I'll make it as a simple text document that describes the work flow and useful terms and then anyone on a team can read it and at least share a common base when talking about the design :).