Spinning Cubes
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Scenes, Entitys and Propertys


Coding on ZeroFps and playing more X-Com. Well mostly X-Com as I was in pain mode over the weekend and spend most time in horizontal mode with my slaptop. Between throwing grenades towards aliens and screaming and my screen when they throw grenades back I been focusing on the script system for ZeroFps. In short the engine contains one or more scenes, each scene contain many objects that are called entity's, each entity is made up of zero or more components that are called propertys in ZeroFps and these property's can then be written in C++ or script like Lua. Then the ZeroFps engine itself is made up SubSystems (render, input,...) and systems can also be written in script such as debug rendering and the Alcestis map system. All this work somewhat well but the interface between the parts are smooth and effective as chainsaws right now so thats what I'm working on improving. I did a new design for how it should work this weekend and when it was done and epic and I started to code it in and then i noticed the only epic part about it was its level of fail. Time to rethink a little more :).