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Mp3 for the bus


Today I bought myself a Creative Zen X-fi mp3 player so I don’t have to listen to the stupid people on the bus. The reviews said one of the bad things about it is the short USB cable that they include and its 13 cm, size of contacts included. It hang like a bat from my computer when I load it. It also support playing movies but like always the stupidity level of the people that are making the tools to the players are high so I can not move the content of a copyrighted DVD to the player. Looks like I will have to surf the web for some better tools so I can look at my own DVD’s the way I like.

So so far I have filled it with only music, some ZeroFps movies and also some sound files from IndustryBroadcast. It’s a website with audio versions on articles about game development. If it is cool or not I will know tomorrow after the daily bus trip.