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Playing - GTA III


Been sick and was more or less out for 2 days with sleeping 12 hours in a row then drinking and sleeping again. Not fun days :(. Now when i feel a little better i play some games and the latest game done is GTA III. Nice game but a little slow with the missions as i often found myself with only one or two mission to choose from. Like a sandbox but your mom only lets you play with one toy at the time :(.

I also played some World of Warcraft. Now my character is level 28 so like always i make slow progress. Explore to much i guess. One problem i found so far it seems like everyone is running around with death knights in the north or something as it is hard to find anyone to play the low level dungeons with. Still i want to play them at least once in my life so i stroll around and wave my LFG flag. Hope some people with a new character take pity on me to go to Gnomeregan and Scarlet Monastery and the other places the 40+’s refuse to admit they even ever been into. I also found this nice blog called Tobold’s MMORPG Blog that talks about all things MMOs and its a nice read when waiting for someone to notice me outside Gnomeregan with my flag.

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