Spinning Cubes
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Daily Hax0r 2


Right now my focus of coding is to improve ZeroEd, the ZeroFps editor. We have not really focused that much of adding things to it so it has really fallen behind the rest of the engine. I was working on the design of one of the areas for Alcestis when I noticed all things missing so I have started to do something about it. The basic way on how the engine works has not changed for along time so the basic flow of the editor will be the same. It works more or less like Lego that you place parts in the world but there are a number of things that we will add in to make it more simple and faster to work with. The old version of ZeroEd The old version of ZeroEd The first thing we changed is the graphical user interface. We now use wxWidgets and not the engines graphical user interface as we did before. That way we can focus on the things we like improve in the editor and not waste are time coding a user interface system. wxWidget is also platform independent so the editor still works on Linux. The goal now is to get the new editors functionality up to the same of the old ones so people can start using it and then I can focus on adding the cool new stuff to it. The Wx version of ZeroEd The new version of ZeroEd