Spinning Cubes
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Daily Hax0r 3


Coding away on the editor and I now alternate between coding on the editors left or right toolbox. I code on the left toolbox on my my home computer and I code on the right toolbox on my laptop when take the bus from and to work. Then I sometimes commit and update it all and scream at myself when I get a conflict between the two :).

The toolboxes are the two windows at the sides of the editors render window and each one contain a number of tabs with tools for the editor. So far the left toolbox contains tool to select and handle scenes and the toolbox right (that is really it’s name as you can see in the the screen shoot) has tools to create and modify. Later the tools will be moved around to the find the optimal setup. Then we also have a menu/toolbar window at the top and a status window down below. Its all separate windows Gimp style and I guess I will take some fire for that setup but it’s done like that as we had some problems getting wxWidgets and the engine to be good friends in the same window. For now we keep the engine window surrounded by wxWidgets windows so it does not try to flee back to its old graphical user interface ;). The fact is that the render window in the middle is the old editor so behind the windows with the scenes do we have all the old tool so you can use both at the same time for a while now.

But now a pause and time to watch a movie ( Wanted ) and then I will play some Oblivion before its back to the code.

… ohh and Gratz to Dvoid that is now sucked into the soul-draining-overtime-hell that is the video game industry. 😀