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Fun with Virtual Box


Coding away some on ZeroFps with the new code to handle when the engine crashes and now it works good and collect the things we need for development like call stacks for the engine and scripts. Well it does in Windows at least. The code in it is really dependent on the platform you run it on and the code for Linux it totally different from the ones in windows so for Linux i just copy/paste coded it from the old crash handler and committed it and hoped it still would work. It did not :).

So to make it possible to compile and check out if it works in Linux I have spent the day with virtual box and different Linux builds. Virtual box runs well and I think I will use it more in the future, it’s like a emulator that lets you run other operating systems on your computer inside the virtual box program. Really nice that you can have any number of virtual computers setup and switch between them quickly. Linux is fun as always and I’m sure there is some timer built in that operating system that counts down until it forces you to modify another config file for it to keep working. Feels like I spend my life inside that damn terminal window. Still the engine now compiles… almost… so soon i can start looking at the crash handler again. After that I will code some on the graphical user interface of the engine, have some great ideas I wish to try for a game but I need more advanced graphical user interfaces.