Spinning Cubes
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Widgets of fun


Coding away on ZeroFps a little this weekend. Need to catch up on all the code in the engine as i have been a bit slow for a while so i started by looking at the most fun part of a game engine and the real reason that people like to code games. Not artificial intelligence, not graphic but the graphical user interface. It is no question in my mind that the graphical user interface is the most fun part of any game to write so i urge everyone that wish to get into game development to focus on that and that alone and if you do you can be sure of that when i and others see your skill as a graphical user interface coder we will, with tears in our eyes i might add, give up our position as graphical user interface coders for you.

Right… anyway, i did some tests with the current system and tried some ideas on how to expand it and also got a good idea on how the current rendering system in the zerofps engine works. I think i will spend some more time learning the inner workings of the render path before i try to change anything so i don’t mess things up to much :). All in all a good weekend.