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Bugs are not a get out review card


Right now I’m playing assassins creed and it is fun even if it is a bit repetitive and don’t change as much as is needed for a full game. There are other things to say about that game but the one that really makes it bad is the bugs. It was a long time since i seen a game crash so often. Some say that bugs are not part of the game and they should be ignore when you try to review a game and they are wrong for sure. Try to read a book where a random number of words have been deleted or try to watch a movie that sometimes restarts and every time you have to look at the whole movie again without the ability to fast forward. A bug free game is as much part of the experience as graphics and sound and the presence of bugs is a sign of lacking ability and quality in the programmers department as much as bad models are for the artists. I can only hope they put a little more free will to fix things in assassins creed 2.

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