Spinning Cubes
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Land of the Dolls


I have managed to get sick and the pain give me trouble sleeping so the doctor have provided me with some nice drugs to make the pain go away. Now I enjoy a somewhat doped up life and one of the side effects is nightmares so I can not really say that I sleep much more than I did before. The upside is that the dreams can act as good source material for game ideas. That is, games where you die in a sea of blood and pain.

Last night I was on a bus traveling trough a huge forest and in that dream a knew that it was a bad idea to fall asleep. Eat the irony of that, trouble sleeping from nightmares and when you fall asleep you have a nightmare about you being afraid to sleep. Well I did fail and woke up in my dream with the bus standing still in the forest. Outside the bus was other people who had also been sleeping and they where all people from my work, to much overtime I guess. We started to talk about what have happened, why the bus did not work, how dark the forest was and the other common horror film things people say before the first persons die. Then we arrived at the questions why just we was in the forest and where everyone else was and I made the classic mistake that anyone that have been playing real life role playing games know about, don’t give the game master any ideas.

I turned to the person standing beside me, in fact the same one that sits beside me at work, and told him that this could be something like The Langoliers by Stephen King with monsters eating the ones that are left behind. About the time I had finished that sentence the monster busted out of the forest like it had been standing around and waited for a sign from the mad director of my dream. It was a mannequin doll that had started to rot away from being in the woods to long, dressed in cloths from the sixties and armed with a rusty switchblade in each hand. The doll from hell jumped onto us and started to stab away and at this time it was pretty obvious that this was a M rated dream as there was oceans of blood and the Half-Life style crowbar I used to defend myself did not have much effect. When we where down to only five of us left we started to run while the mannequin finished slashing up the people left behind.

Then i woke up and noticed that it was still a hour or so before time to exit the bed but I skipped sleeping anymore. As soon as I closed my eyes I could see that damn forest. My dreams often play out like movies and I can often resume dreams even after being awake for a while but this time I choose not to :).