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El programmerare / bildspel


Done my second visit to Arbetsförmedlingen, the thing you need to talk to here in Sweden when you find yourself without work. The first thing I needed to fix on my second visit was all the things they did wrong on my first visit two days before. As far as I know there are not many people programming electricity directly and that other term they linked me to sound more like some old man standing on the corner with a barrel organ and monkey :|. Might not be a bad way to make a living but after System Shock 2 I try to stay away from the monkeys.

Today anything was done correctly however as I had enough time to follow the rules of the world that is Arbetsförmedlingen. The help my fellow man and ex Griners I offer this short guide of advice how survive the remote inaccessible authority know as Arbetsförmedlingen.

Well, that’s enough to let you survive the first time at Arbetsförmedlingen. Good luck.