Spinning Cubes
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Quiet Assassins


Spending some time with a bit of QA style work by playing a game and reporting bugs and it’s fun to be on the other side of things for a while. QA must be the only people at a game developer that can inspire fear by just entering a room. Sure, a producer jumping you might be scary but even the producers themselves shivers in fear when they see QA people approaching like a message of death for the current milestone plan. No matter who you are you freeze up when someone tells you that the QA Lead are looking for you. Others move away from you as you have been struck with leprosy as they all know that overtime has a habit of spreading. Desperately you think what can be wrong, what area has failed, if it is a bug that have bounced or a new one. Then when you can’t think of any problems you turn around and they stand right behind you, slightly floating above the floor like evil spirits, with a new bug report. Do they train in sneaking and camouflage on their free time? Well it’s fun being on the QA side for a while but for my next job I hope the QA is required to use step shoes so they cant sneak up on people.