Spinning Cubes
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Take the green pill


Still sick and it’s no fun. It’s only fun to be sick when you are small and can trick your mother by putting the thermometer in a cup of tea and then stay home and play games all day. When you are grown up you only really stay home when you are really sick and it is not that easy playing games when you need to throw up every 15 minutes . To improve my resistance I thought to myself that I should get some pills with vitamins and minerals so I’m sure I always get my daily dosage. It sounded like a good idea (or at least the tiny voice in my head told me that it was) so I went to the store and looked around and found one pill for it all so I don’t have to take many different ones. Instant win I said to myself and went home again, ignoring the tiny voice suggestion that I needed a Axe as I only had money for my pills. At home I opened up my bag of pills and noticed that the pills are about the same size as a coin. I do believe that the ability to swallow one of this pills will qualify me as an actor for any major gay porn movie in the future. Need to get well before I can try the pill of oral penetration + 6.