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War made easy


Now I have completed Moder Warfare II and it was as one would think, huge explosion and lots of action. Sometimes the game feels like a flash back to the old Call of Duty games with you running around inside destroyed buildings. No Russians Were Harmed During the Making of This Screenshot. The No Russian level was also interesting to play, in it you shoot down people in a terror attack that later turn out to be a false flag operation to pull Russia into war with the USA. The idea of letting the player play more then one characters to see different events of a story unfold is cool and in many ways it is used well in the game. Story wise the realism is more or less out the window from that point on with Russia surprise attacking the USA by dropping it’s whole army on the white house and things then keep going downhill from there. He is trying to crawl away for one last soda. Some people say that they where shocked by the No Russian level and I can not see why as it is no worse then any other such thing that is done in your average action movie. They do not have any problem destroying whole towns with predators later in the game but i guess it’s good when you been told they are ‘evil’ and you are morally safe. Sheep. Well of to the next game, almost done with Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery :).

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