Spinning Cubes
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Oh Joy


Sometimes when I go to shop for some milk and other things I do notice the store managers watching me a bit extra and it is no surprise there as I often don't use anything to carry around the things I buy. I simply put them in my pockets and pick them up when a get to the cashier and I guess it looks a bit fishy to just stuff things on yourself while in the store. Still, I only been stopped once after I left the store and then they only looked in my bag.

And the same studio execs have access to the camera

Anyway, the point is that under all this time I been buying stuff I have so far not come across any real life store that when you have paid for the products takes you into another room, lubricate things and then let the store manager fuck the shit out of you and then put you on a retainer fuck list. Guess most companies think that is a bad way to treat your customers and they would be right. Only brain dead retards would think otherwise.

Entertainment industry enters stage left

This weekend I was a bit bored so rather then sitting and staring at the roof choose to watch some movies and play some games. Most of the movie time was spent watching long intro sequences that told me that people who copy movies need to burn in hell, that they are evil and that they will be put in jail where they will be gang raped by studio executives that go there for fun. I'm not sure why it was so important to tell me that when I had already paid for the damn DVD but as people that copy movies can skip that shit I guess all that is left is to keep feeding bullshit to the poor sods like me that really own the DVD.

After that I gave up and the movies and went for the games and I might as well have signed up to be subjected to the Ludovico technique. Every game seemed to have one copyright protection system worse then the last one. Like always one can not do much before the shit that is StarForce fuck up your computer. They should add malware warning signs to all these games so one can spend money on things that is possible to enjoy :|. Time to read a book.