Spinning Cubes
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Line on the floor


Today I tried some games I have not played before to see what was working on my computer and I think I found a new favorite to the worst game ever, Marine Sharpshooter 3. I'm really impressed that they manage to take everything that is good in the unreal engine and destroy it. All things in this game is bad and the sum of it all is totally worthless.

What really gets me down is the number three in that name, are people paying for this, what kind of idiots (current writer included) is buying this crap so they can keep remaking it time after time. The game is from 2007. For the sake of all things holy, how can one use the unreal engine in 2007 and make a game with animations so bad.

I can't stand this, I'll make my own sniper game now. The mark one need to pass over is like a painted line on the floor now. Ohhh... my good... they made a iphone game to. This is like seeing a car crash. Must not... look ... at ... it...