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Review Smileys


For my review section I use a simple system with seven smileys that goes from a evil smiley to a holy smiley. The more towards holy and the more happy a smiley is the better. One thing are worth to keep in mind is that this is no unbiased review site, it is what I think and I don't care about any journalistic integrity or anything like that.

This is the extreme low mark and are reserved for games I really hate. I only played the game to the end so I can review it on this site and tell you how much I hate it.

Really really bad game that is really not much fun at all.

Still playable but with elements that really break up the fun.

This is an average game, still fun to play as that's the point of games mostly.

This game has some elements that made it stand out from the rest.

This is as fun as it can get.

The extreme other side of the list and like the low point I reserve this for games I really recommend people playing, this are the games I wished I had done.

This is a special score I used for games I have been part of making. A cowards way out really so I do not have to set a score on my own games.

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