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My Backlog of games grow every day and i make minimal progress on it is_comphit. I did some looking around and found some blogs (The CRPG Addict, Backlog Killer,The Adventure Gamer) of people that are really good at getting games played. They had rules to stay on target so i will also add some rules to .

No Game Left Behind Rules

1: Only play games that are on my No Game Left Behind list.
2: Play max one game at the time per platform. The current game for each platform will be listed in the Playing widget of my blog.
3: I don’t have to win every game, but I must at least make a sincere effort to play it. Play each game a minimum of four hours and thats it if the game is no fun or repetitive.
5: Each Sunday there will be a blog post with a update of the current status of all the active games on the playing widget.
6: When I’m done playing a game it will removed from No Game Left Behind and added to my review section.

The current game for PC is Fallout: New Vegas and for DS Zelda Phantom Hourglass :).