Spinning Cubes
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I never owned a console before the Wii so I missed out on much of the history of consoles. To solve that I will build my own console :). No point building something that already exist so it will mostly be my own design and then I make one or two games for each one. I will start with the first generation console and work my way up to a max of generation five.

My first console will be called to Voc and that is short for Vim on a Chip. It will be a classical first generation console that supports pong and the other crappy games for two players. It will be based on the AY-3-8500 chip that many first generations console used. Not that I have such a chip but I should be able to use another chip to emulate it.

But first I need to restore my knowledge about electronics a little. Wish me luck.

Let there be light.